Restore the Look of the Rugs in Your Home

Restore the Look of the Rugs in Your Home

Choose Mel’s for Oriental rug cleaning in Wichita, Kansas

Rug cleaning is a tricky process. Getting into tightly-woven rug fibers without damaging the dyes is a tough task for many professional cleaners.

But not for Mel’s Carpet Cleaning.

We will deep clean your area rug, leaving it spotless and vibrant. We know how important your rug is to your home and to your family. Trust that we’ll handle it with care – call us today to arrange a time for your Oriental rug cleaning service in Wichita, KS.

How do we do rug cleaning differently?

Mel’s Carpet Cleaning will handle your rug cleaning professionally. We won’t soak your rug, which could leave it with a moldy or musty smell. We won’t drip water on your floors or rush through the cleaning process. You can trust us to do everything right by:

  • Taking rugs that are in particularly bad shape off-site to clean them
  • Using proven-effective products with the correct PH levels
  • Cleaning the fringe carefully to avoid damage

Before you know it, you’ll have an incredible looking rug returned to your home. Get in touch with Mel’s Carpet Cleaning today to schedule service.